Dear all participants of the 6th International TADF Workshop,

We sincerely thank you for your great contribution to 6th TADF WS. All talks are fascinating, focusing on the cutting-edge science and technologies of TADF and related topics. Not only the significant progress of TADF materials and devices, but also charge-transfer (CT) issues were highlighted to be a fundamental mechanism for all solid-state organic devices. I am very much confident that the development of CT science and technologies will pioneer next-generation organic devices.
Probably COVID issue will be relaxed gradually in next year and wish to see you each other in next chance! Please have a safe and happy holiday season and new year 2022!

The 6th International TADF Workshop
Chair, Chihaya Adachi


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    September 25, 2021

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    November 30, 2021

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Important Dates

Message from the Chair

Chihaya Adachi

The 6th International TADF Workshop will be held in December via online live streaming due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will explore recent results regarding TADF OLEDs and related topics based on charge-transfer complexes. Various donor-acceptor interactions have been disclosed to have a rich scientific basis and numerous technological applications, making this area more intriguing each year.

I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you—even if only online—and having fruitful discussions to take our research to the next step. While we cannot meet face to face in Fukuoka, we expect that this attempt to launch exciting online events will pave the way for our post-coronavirus life with a new normal. We also plan to have a panel discussion on the future outlook of organic electronics and photonics, aimed at celebrating Prof. Hiroyoshi Naito’s retirement from Osaka Prefecture University. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the JSPS Core-to-Core program for financially supporting this workshop.

Chihaya Adachi
Chair of the 6th International TADF Workshop
Director of the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research at Kyushu University

Scope and Invited Lecturers

     Through TADF-OLED and related studies, we can recognize that CT phenomena are central in many organic optoelectronic devices.
     Thus, this year, we will discuss basic and advanced CT science and technologies in light-emitting materials and solid-state devices. Also, not only TADF emitters, we would like to invite other cutting-edge studies on light-emitting materials. We look forward to your contribution to this WS!

Key note lecture to commemorate
the retirement of Prof. Hiroyoshi Naito

2021/12/9 19:55–20:55 JST (1:15–6:40 UTC)

Electronic Transport in Organic Semiconductors: Brief Review of Measurement Methods

Prof. Hiroyoshi Naito

Osaka Prefecture University

Hiroyoshi Naito received his B. S., M. S., and D. Eng. degrees from Osaka Prefecture University in 1979, 1981, and 1984. He joined the Department of Electronics in 1984 and has been a professor at the Department of Physics and Electronics since 2000. He is a fellow of Japan Society of Applied Physics and Imaging Society of Japan. His current research interests include physics of organic devices, and optical and electrical characterization of organic semiconductors.

Prof. Naito with his Hokkaido dog


Thursday, December 9 (Day 1)

Time zone table

Live program in Japan time

Time in JST
Program Session
15:00- Opening session speech (15min)
Chihaya Adachi, Kyushu University
15:15- Invited Lecture 1 (25min)
Chih-Hsin Chen, Tamkang University
"Structural Effect of Phenylcarbazole-based Molecules on the Exciplex-Forming Co-Host System to Achieve Highly Efficient Phosphorescent OLEDs and Low Efficiency Roll-off at High Luminance"
TADF Session 1
(Session Chair: Hironori Kaji)
15:40- Invited Lecture 2 (25min)
Seokwoo Jeon, KAIST
"Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Lowly-Oxidized GQD"
16:05- Invited Lecture 3 (25min)
Przemyslaw Data, Silesian University of Technology
"Inverted S-T gap TADF emitters, known phenomena, new problems"
16:30- Invited Lecture 4 (25min)
Grégory Pieters, CEA Paris Saclay
"Maximizing Chiral Perturbation on Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters"
16:55- Invited Lecture 5 (25min)
Yoichi Tsuchiya, Kyushu University
"Exact rate equations for TADF kinetic analysis"
17:20- BREAK TIME(15min)
17:35- Invited Lecture 6 (25min)
Marc K. Etherington, Northumbria University
"Intermolecular interactions in thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters"
TADF Session 2
(Session Chair: Eli Zysman-Colman)
18:00- Invited Lecture 7 (25min)
Kai Wang, Soochow University
"Multiple Resonance TADF Emitters with D-A Typed Structures"
18:25- Invited Lecture 8 (25min)
Jun Yeob Lee, Sungkyunkwan University
"Lifetime extension of the TADF devices by sensitization approach"
18:50- Invited Lecture 9 (25min)
Takuji Hatakeyama, Kwansei Gakuin University
"Recent Progress in Multiple Resonance Effect-Based TADF Materials"
19:15- Invited Lecture 10 (25min)
Chin-Yiu Chan, Kyushu University
"Stable Pure-blue Hyperfluorescence Organic Light-emitting Diodes"
19:40- BREAK TIME(15min)
19:55- Keynote lecture to commermorate the retirement (60 min)
Hiroyoshi Naito, Osaka Prefecture University
"Electronic transport in organic semiconductors: brief review of measurement methods"
JSPS core to core Program
Special Session
Session Chair:
Chihaya Adachi
20:55- Panel Discussion (90min)
(5 mins selfintroduction talk and discussion)
"Future Organic Electronics"

Friday, December 10 (Day 2)

Time zone table

Live program in Japan time

Time in JST
Program Session
15:00- Invited Lecture 11(25min)
Zachary M. Hudson, University of British Colombia
"Emerging Applications of TADF Materials in Biological Sensing and Imaging"
Advanced CT Technology 1
(Session Chair: Ebinazar Namdas)
15:25- Invited Lecture 12 (25min)
Xiankai Chen, The city University of Hong Kong
"A unified description of non-radiative voltage losses in organic solar cells"
15:50- Invited Lecture 13 (25min)
Kaka Zhang, Shanghai Instiute of Organic Chemistry
"TADF-Type Organic Afterglow"
16:15- Invited Lecture 14 (25min)
Ryota Kabe, OIST
"Persistent luminescence from stable charge-separated states"
16:40- Invited Lecture 15 (25min)
Peter Skabara, University of Glasgow
"From phosphorescence to delayed fluorescence in one step: tuning photophysical properties by quaternization of an SP2 nitrogen atom"
Advanced CT Technology 2
(Session Chair: Shih-Chun Lo)
17:05- Invited Lecture 16 (25min)
Yutaka Noguchi, Meiji University
"Recent progress in understanding spontaneous orientation polarization in
organic light-emitting diodes"
17:30- Invited Lecture 17 (25min)
Yuya Tanaka, Chiba University
"Enhanced stability of electret-based vibrational energy generators utilizing spontaneous orientation polarization of OLED materials"
17:55- BREAK TIME(15min)
18:10- Short Presentaion #1-#5
#1 Tomohiro Ryu (Kyushu University)
"Correlation between Excited-State Structures and Dual Emission Properties of The Phenothiazine-Triphenyltriazine"
#2 Dovydas Banevičius (Vilnius University)
"Substantial TADF OLED performance improvement by simple emitter structure modification"
#3 Kai Chen (Victoria University of Wellington)
"Broadband ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy and its application in optoelectronic materials"
#4 YongXia Ren (Kyoto University)
"Achieving very fast reverse intersystem crossing by heavy atom effect"
#5 Subeesh Suresh (University of St Andrews) : A Rarely Utilized Linear Design for Constructing Multiresonant Emitter That Shows Pure Blue Emission with Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence"
Short Presentation
(Session Chair: Fabrice Mathavet)
18:46- Short Presentaion #6-#10
#6 Masaki Saigo (Kyushu University)
"Structural Dynamics in TADF Molecules Using Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy"
#7 Abhishek Gupta (University of St Andrews)
"Excited state intramolecular proton transfer based thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters for solution processable OLEDs"
#8 Tomas Serevicius (Vilnius University)
"Temporal Dynamics of Solid-State TADF: Disorder or Ultraslow Solvation?"
#9 René Alejandro Hauyon Sepúlveda (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
"Synthesis and characterization of a TADF polymer containing a tetraphenylsilane unit in its main chain"
#10 Sarah McGregor (University of Queensland)
"Photophysical Properties Investigation of Solution Processed Platinum(II) Complexes"
19:22- Short Presentaion #11-#14
#11 Tomohiro Ishii (Kyushu University)
"Accelerating polariton relaxation efficiency by controlling molecular orientation of liquid crystal"
#12 Nicholle Wallwork (University of Queensland)
"Efficient Red Hyperfluorescent OLEDs Based on Solution-Processable Cibalackrot"
#13 Kou Yoshida (University of St Andrews)
"Gigabit-per-second visible-light communication with ultrafast organic light-emitting diodes"
#14 Atul Shukla (University of Queensland)
"Energy Downshifting of Amplified Spontaneous Emission via Strategic Modification to Excited-State Proton Transfer Mechanism"
19:50- BREAK TIME(15min)
20:05- Invited Lecture 18 (25min)
TungHuei Ke, IMEC
"Short-wave Infrared (SWIR) Thin-Film Photodetector Based on Solution-processable Quantum Dots"
Advanced Device Technology
(Session Chair: Ken Onda)
20:30- Invited Lecture 19 (25min)
Zhiwei Liu, Peking University
"Electroluminescence Study of Rare Earth Complexes"
20:55- Invited Lecture 20 (25min)
Alexander J.C. Kuehne, Ulm University
"Hot Exciplexes – bridging exciplexes for fast and bright TADF emission"
21:20- Invited Lecture 21 (25min)
Russel Holmes, University of Minnesota
"Tuning charge transfer state diffusion in donor-acceptor blends exhibiting thermally activated delayed fluorescence"
21:45- Closing Remarks (15min)
Ifor D.W. Samuel and Chihaya Adachi


Co Organizer