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All participants who plan to attend the 4th International TADF Workshop and the 2nd i3-opera Forum, including presenters/authors of short presentation & poster contribution, are required to register.
There is no registration fee, but if you wish to attend the joint banquet, you are required to pay online with a credit card.

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Important Dates

Conference attendees

  • Registration open

    April 17, 2019

  • Registration close

    July 26, 2019

Authors of short presentations & posters

  • Abstract submission open

    April 17, 2019

  • Abstract submission deadline

    June 28, 2019

  • Notification of acceptance/rejection

    July 7, 2019

Message from the Chair

Chihaya Adachi

Almost a decade has passed since the first demonstration of thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) in an OLED at Kyushu University in 2009, and these past ten years have seen rapid and remarkable advances in this scientific field

To mark the 10-year anniversary of TADF, we are delighted to announce the organization of the 4th International TADF Workshop in Fukuoka to share the latest advances and future direction of TADF science and technologies. The workshop will cover a diverse range of topics in the areas of TADF and excitonic materials, physics, and devices.

We are also excited to announce the 2nd i3-opera Forum, a companion event aimed at industry researchers and focusing on the next generation of display technologies. We expect that the synergy of frontier science and applied research will evolve the forum into a business incubation hub.

With all of the incredible working being done in this hot area, we can assure you that this truly will be a thermally activated summer in Fukuoka!

Chihaya Adachi
Chair of the 4th International TADF Workshop
Director of the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research at Kyushu University

Scope and Invited Lecturers

4th International TADF Workshop

We will discuss the latest advances in and future direction of:

  • TADF materials
  • TADF device architectures
  • Upconversion mechanisms
  • Excitonic topics, singlet fission
  • Perovskite emitters
  • Radical (doublet) emitters

We look forward to your contribution to the short presentation & poster session.

  • Katsumi Tokumaru, Tsukuba University
  • Chihaya Adachi, Kyushu University
  • Xian-Kai Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology

    “The Role of Charge-Transfer (CT) Electronic States in Photo-physical Processes in Organic Electroluminescent Materials”

  • Martin R. Bryce, Durham University

    “Molecular Designs and Conformational Effects for All-organic TADF and RTP Materials”

  • Jianpu Wang, Nanjin Tech University

    “High Efficiency and High Brightness Perovskite LEDs”

  • Feng Li, Jilin University

    “Radical Materials and Devices with Doublet Emission”

  • David L. Carroll, Wake Forest University

    “Color-Tunable Light Emitting Devices Based on Organic Spintronics”

  • Alexander S. Romanov, University of East Anglia

    “The Silver and Golden Age of the Carbene Metal Amide Materials”

  • Peter Djurovich, University of Southern California

    “Sub-microsecond Phosphors from Two-coordinate Coinage Metal Complexes”

  • Jiansheng Jie, Soochow University

    “Large-Scale Assembly of Perovskite Micro/Nano-crystals for High-Performance Optoelectronic Devices”

  • Satish Patil, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

    “Exceeding Shockley? Queisser Limit with Singlet Fission”

  • Xiang Wang, Queen's university

    “Impact of Locations and Restricted Rotation of Donors on Luminescent and Electroluminescent Properties of TADF Molecules”

2nd i3-opera Forum

Aimed at industry researchers and focusing on next generation display technologies such as:

  • AR & VR & MR, wearables
  • Micro-LEDs, QLEDs, lasers
  • Smart displays, voice user interface
  • Displays for future mobility

The forum is followed by a joint panel discussion with scientists and industry researchers.

  • Teruo Tohma
  • Junji Adachi, Kyulux Inc.

    “Towards Commercialization of Hyperfluorescence™”

  • Amal Ghosh, eMagin Corp.

    “Microdisplays for AR/VR Applications”

  • G. Rajeswaran, Grantwood Technologies Inc. and Indian Institute of Technology Madras

    “Organic Materials Delivery Technologies for Efficient AMOLED Display Manufacturing”

  • Alvy Chen, ROYOLE Corporation

    “Challenges of OLED Technology Development in Flexible AMOLED Display”

  • Joong Hwan Yang, LG Display, Co., Ltd.

    “The Progress of TADF Development”

  • Hyeon Gu Cho, Samsung Display, Co., Ltd.

    “Next Generation Display Technology”

Tentative Program

Monday, August 19 (Day 1)

Registration  8:00 - 9:00

Morning sessions  9:00 - 12:00

4th International TADF Workshop

  • Opening remarks (20 min)
  • Invited lecture 1 (35 min)
  • Invited lecture 2 (35 min)
  • Coffee Break(20 min)
  • Invited lecture 3 (35 min)
  • Invited lecture 4 (35 min)

Lunch Break/Registration  12:00 - 13:15

Afternoon sessions  13:15 - 18:30

2nd i3-opera Forum  13:15 - 15:20

  • Opening remarks (15 min)
  • Invited lecture 1 (30 min)
  • Invited lecture 2 (30 min)
  • Coffee Break(20 min)

4th International TADF Workshop
15:20 - 18:30

  • Short Presentation Session 1 (50 min)
  • Coffee Break(20 min)
  • Short Presentation Session 2 (50 min)
  • Poster session (Coffee available) (70 min)

Evening event  18:30 -20:00

Joint Banquet@ Big Sky

Tuesday, August 20 (Day 2)

Registration  8:00 - 9:00

Morning sessions  9:00 - 12:15

4th International TADF Workshop

  • Invited lecture 5 (35 min)
  • Invited lecture 6 (35 min)
  • Invited lecture 7 (35 min)
  • Coffee Break(20 min)
  • Invited lecture 8 (35 min)
  • Invited lecture 9 (35 min)

Lunch Break  12:15 - 13:30

Afternoon sessions  13:30 - 16:50

2nd i3-opera Forum  13:30 - 15:20

  • Invited lecture 4 (30 min)
  • Invited lecture 5 (30 min)
  • Invited lecture 6 (30 min)
  • Coffee Break(20 min)

4th International TADF Workshop
15:20 - 16:50

  • Opening remarks
  • Invited lecture 10 (35 min)
  • Invited lecture 11 (35 min)
  • Coffee Break(20 min)

Joint Panel Discussion  16:50 - 17:50

Closing remark  17:50 - 18:00


Schrödinger, LLC

Schrödinger, LLC Materials Science Suite: provides Schrödinger's industry leading quantum, classical and statistical simulation programs integrated within a powerful user interface. In this exhibition, key application examples will be demonstrated in the areas of OLED/OPV and machine learning and QSPR.

Schrödinger, LLC


PIEZO PARTS Co., Ltd. "Good Sensor, Good Control" with PIEZO PARTS
As a specialized maker in the field of quartz processing, we utilize teamwork to push the development of high-stability/ high-sensitivity quartz sensors to its limits.
From our company's founding in 1990, we have walked alongside our clients for nearly 29 years as specialists in quartz processing for thickness monitors.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with the exact quartz solutions for their varied and diverse manufacturing processes.
Additionally, we provide the option of using recycled quartz with the benefits of cost reduction for our customers and a contribution to resource conservation and protection of the environment. We are able to take small-lot orders.


BRIGHT Co., Ltd. and MBraun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH

BRIGHT Co., Ltd. and MBraun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH

    MBRAUN - Turning Ideas into Solutions: When experience meets innovations...
  • Inert gas technology
  • Particle removal
  • Coating under vacuum/ambient conditions
  • Thermal processing
  • Surface treatment and encapsulation
  • Industrial automation: engineering and design

Whenever your work involves gloveboxes, inert gas purification, isolators or custom system solutions in clean environments, MBRAUN has the right solution for you. With over 40-year experience, MBRAUN has the know-how to provide high quality customer specific controlled environment solutions. We continue to develop world-class core technologies and then adapt them to an application.

BRIGHT Co., Ltd. and MBraun Inertgas-Systeme GmbHBRIGHT Co., Ltd. and MBraun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH

Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd.

Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, LTD. Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, LTD.
SCAS is your total solution partner for analysis, assay and evaluation.
As one of the largest comprehensive analysis companies in Japan, for nearly half a century we have continuously created new values for our customers, based on our analysis and related technologies that cover a wide range of fields.
We also develop and provide new evaluation techniques required in the organic electronics.
We provide high quality and fast services, such as evaluation of impurities in materials that affect efficiency or lifetime, process contamination, device structure and defects.

Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd.

ALS Technology Co., Ltd.

ALS Technology Co., Ltd. Direct measurement of the high accurate LUMO level.
We ALS Technologies had succeed in the commercialization of LEIPS system. It is the world's first equipment to realize the direct measurement of the high accurate LUMO level.
LEIPS (low energy inverse photoelectron spectroscopy) is newly developed by Prof. Hiroyuki Yoshida (now a professor at Chiba University).
Recently, we have a combined equipment connected to the LEIPS equipment and the UHV deposition device. This equipment enables LEIPS measurements immediately after the vacuum deposition is complete.
Also we offer an equipment such as specifications combined with the high vacuum suits case to connect to another UHV equipment.

ALS Technology Co., Ltd.

Toray Research Center, Inc.

Toray Research Center, Inc. Toray Research Center, Inc. (TRC); Analytical Services
Toray Group provides wide variety of cutting edge materials and analytical services for display components of TFT, LCD, LED and OLEDs. Especially, Toray Research Center, Inc. (TRC) specializes analytical services which can solve the problems in manufacturing process and improve materials to realize next generation displays. TRC can provide physical property measurement, composition analysis, structural analysis, organic/inorganic analysis, morphological analysis, reverse engineering, and so on.

Toray Research Center, Inc.

System Engineers Co., Ltd.

System Engineers Co., Ltd. System Engineering Corp.
Based on the theme of measurement and control, we offer original products, system and equipment proposal. As the main product, we are offering semiconductor laser driver, peltier temperature controller, various measuring instruments, jig etc. as a single unit or system. Our core technologies are as follows

  • Design of electronic equipment,
  • Information transmission technology based on digital, and analog circuit,
  • Robot servo control,
  • A / D, D / A, and RF technology,
  • Temperature control.

We have established strengths as the development and design of the power supply for evaluation of light emitting laser element, light receiving element, testing, and inspection equipment in the optical communication industry.

System Engineers Co., Ltd.

KOALA Tech Inc.

KOALA Tech Inc. KOALA Tech Inc.
We are an innovative high-tech startup company, whose goal is to pioneer practical applications of the world's first organic semiconductor laser diode that has been realized in the OPERA Center at Kyushu University. To reach its objectives, Koala Tech. is carrying out strong R&D activities aiming at building a strong patent portfolio and proposing new solutions to manufacturers and suppliers that desire to use organic semiconductor laser diode as a low-cost light source that can be easily integrated into OLED and organic electronic platforms.

KOALA Tech Inc.

i-heating Inc.


  • i3-opera
  • Kyulux
  • Kyulux
  • i3-opera
  • Kyulux


Lecture Room II, East Zone, Ito Campus, Kyushu University

  1. Take City Subway at Fukuoka Airport Station (or at Hakata Station) for Nishi-Karatsu or Chikuzen-Maebaru.
  2. Get off at Kyudai-Gakkentoshi Station.
  3. Take Bus B-5, C-5 (Terminal 1), B-4, E-4, C-4 (Terminal 2), or D-2 (Terminal 4).
  4. Get off at Kyudai-Chuo-Toshokan (Central Library) Stop.